Cinematic History of Psychodrama

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Future generations of psychodramatists need your help.  Books, articles and research studies are important to our field and we applaud the diligence of our scholars.  Psychodramatists have varied approaches, but all agree that direct, personal experience is the best way to learn the method.  We believe that in today’s digital world, most young people view social media and visual modalities as important tools. If we are to survive, as a field we need to expand our visual ways to "warm up" people to the entry point to direct experience of the method. If you believe as we do, that our long history can be a valuable base to ground newcomers to the field, will you help?     
We are holding a benefit for the JL and Zerka T Moreno collections/Archive at Harvard Medical School.  We hope all relevant works can be digitized to be accessible to researchers and scholars.   What can you do...? 

cinematic history of psychodrama

From Moreno to Modern"

A Film Screening, Panel and Reception to Benefit the Preservation of the Visual History of Psychodrama

Many years ago J.L. Moreno anticipated the value of a visual recording of Psychodrama. We agree, and want to support both the cinematic conservation and development of new media materials for professionals and the public. If you believe in communicating the value of Psychodrama, you can help by attending or contributing to the premiere screening of “A Cinematic History of Psychodrama: from Moreno to Modern.”



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This event will bring together Psychodramatists and program participants from 1968 to present.

The film features Early J.L. and Zerka T. Moreno, with Commentary by Prof. Jonathan Moreno (University of Pennsylvania). Inspired by Moreno's work, many others added their unique contributions. Many cinematic projects grew from these roots into a rich and varied history. We are fortunate to have many of the creative pioneers and cinema innovators joining us for this remarkable event.


2-2:30 Registration

2:30-4:30 Screening and Panel

4:30-6:00 Reception

Moderator: Robert Siroka, PhD Founder, Sociometric Institute


From The Sociometric Institute: Jacqueline Dubbs Siroka, TEP; Jacob Gershoni, TEP; Nan Nally Seif, TEP; Jaye Moyer TEP

Louise Greaves (William Greaves Productions NYC);

Nina Garcia TEP (New York University); Dan Tomasulo, TEP (Columbia University)


Come to the benefit on October 14th, 2018.  A once in a Lifetime event. Bring someone. Send information to your mailing list.  Donate to the library.  Talk it up. Give a gift of a ticket to someone.   
Be creative, Be there, Be generous. We shall survive.

        — From Bob and Jacqui Siroka

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