Jaye Moyer, LCSW, TEP

jaye moyer
Jaye Moyer

Jaye is a licensed psychotherapist clinical supervisor in New York City and Orange County, New York. She is certified as a trainer, educator and practitioner by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy.

Formerly, Jaye served on the staff of Hudson Valley Mental Health in Duchess County, New York. She was a former Clinical supervisor and coordinator of Group Services at GMHC. She is a former part-time adjunct faculty member at New York University Graduate School of Social Work.

In her private practice, Jaye works with individuals, couples and groups. She blends experiential investigation and mindfulness with dialogue.

Jaye is the co-creator of the "Labyrinth" series for women and a current faculty member of the Psychodrama Training Institute of New York. She is also a founder and co-creator of IntegralTherapy.net working at the intersection of mindfulness, compassion and psychotherapy.

For more infomation, email Jaye or visit IntegralTherapy.net.

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